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hello everyone i am newbie here can’t find buyers for gig can anyone help me


Hello and welcome to Fiverr! You can find a lot of tips for sellers in the’Tips for Sellers’ section of the forum :slight_smile: Have a nice time here!


Hello to you… maybe elaborate more in your descriptions. Maybe in your profile info, tell folks about your skills, education and knowledge. Good luck!


thank you momenly and voiceoverwork


Perhaps add a video to all your gigs?


madmoo should i change my avatar


Reply to @princemaxx: thanks for the help


Reply to @anujwin2: I’d actually suggest you to do that, it makes me feel sad too.

Something cheerful and happy makes everyone smile


Advertise your gig on social media.fb fan pages,twitter etc…


Your avatar reflects you and is often the first thing people see, besides your gig. HOw about a very happy smiley face?