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Please don’t send private messages to experienced sellers asking for their help or advice! Please use the Fiverr Forum, you will find all the tips you need to get your Fiverr career off to a great start. The “inbox” is strictly for business. You have a number of great sellers helping you out here, just ask your questions here on the Forum. Thanks guys and gals and wish you all the best!

I agree. Please use the forum for any and all questions.

yes i agree and i was surprised when new peoples contact via private messages and ask about help and advice.

buy i am also want to say: please use fiverr discussion forum for any type of help.


I hope they will listen to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome. I been a fiverr buyer for sometime but just created my first gig.
I will be creating more gigs. I feel like I have a huge mountain to climb in order to make that first sale. But I definitely won’t be private messaging experienced sellers. :smiley:

Besides, if you ask in the forum you will most likely get more advices from more people.

I was just about to start a post on the same subject. I got 5 messages the last week and some of them are real spammers, causing my response rate to decrease very badly.

However, I think it would be easier for them if the posts with advice for the new seller would be pinned on top. Maybe they don’t know how to search for them, and starting a new one every single time is frustrating for top rated sellers. (If there is one there already, I am sorry. I just don’t see them pinned on top anymore.)

How could i acheive my first sale. Please give me tip.

Oh well they give give us a tip trough inbox too,for five bucks lol.

Hey Im a Newbie love the idea of this forum. Really looking forward to my first sale

Did anyone else get the letter from Mrs Eunice Paul in Benin who wants to give away 2.9 million dollars and is in the hospital dying of cancer? She’s a newbie.

Amen! I don’t mind helping or providing advice and what not, but getting ambiguous help message in the inbox is not the way to go!

Amen brother - It really is annoying.

Yes, it is really weird sometimes :slight_smile:

Recently I received a message from a newbie, basically asking me:

“What is a Gig? I do not understand Gig. This is not english word, explain better, not saying Gig!”.

As I am a helpful guy by education, I sent him the link to the Fiverr Help section, and I received a real rude, surprising answer, more or less like that:

“You and Fiver are ***** and you should be ***** if you do not help me you *****, I will delete my account… you are obliged to help me you ****”.

For sure I said thanks for that :wink:

Well, strange world we are living in… :slight_smile:

Real cool newbie kick off! How much have you donated? :slight_smile:

It’s becoming frequent.

Thanks for heads up

I had a “hi” in my inbox today. That was the whole message. I wrote back “yes?” and reported them. I considered “bye,” but that might have been considered “rude”.

Yeah that…really irritating…but have to reply because of the response rate thing.

yeah I am getting at least 2 a day now. This is growing into a problem.