Hi everyone… just a heads up for newbies. Don’t feel bad if the orders ain’t coming your way right now cos there’s always gonna be light at the end of the tunnel. Just trust your journey on fiverr and believe in yourself.
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Thank you for the beautiful advice :slight_smile:


Im new as a Buyer. Advice to you all. When writing a blog try writing from your heart. Make the writing more personable. Anyone can search a topic and copy and paste words from the original article writer (which I do believe is illegal). Also be sure to proof read before sending it off to the buyer. Make sure all words are spelled correctly. Use Spellcheck if need to. I ordered 4 gigs this week from 4 different people. They all looked the same. Why? Because they were all a copy and paste. I gave a job to a newbie that just started and had no reviews. I took a chance on giving her a try and both times it was a mess. The first gig hasn’t the topic I had given her. She switched the topic around. She also didn’t know the meaning of something. So instead of asking me what it meant, she wrote a gig off topic. Please ask us questions if you do not understand. Everyone was new at some point. I was or am certainly new at this blogging stuff and that’s why I have taken to this site to hire you all but so far not impressed.


From a new seller to a new buyer, I recommend that you message the seller before purchasing a gig that way you can gauge his/her writing skills or the way they handle professional correspondence.

This helps the buyer know who they’re dealing with while also wanting to give a chance to a newbie that doesn’t have a portfolio or ratings thus far. Win/win for both parties involved.

If you get any unoriginal content on this site do make sure to report it that way Fiverr can continue being a wonderful platform for those with talents that haven’t gotten their foot in the door yet. Good day!

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I did msg the seller. We spoke quite a few times.


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I completely agree. Its better to ask questions to your buyer to ensure you deliver what you have been hired for. I always ask questions and also have mentioned in my buyer’s requirement to be as specific as they can about what and how exactly they want this particular job done.


Actually, it happened. The problem most seller have is for them to ask what ever they do not understand rather than doing something else. It is better to let the buyer know that you are not capable doing the job.


Hi! I am writer and I have just joined Fiverr. I would love to get some writing projects here.


Thank you for the encouraging words. Im new to fiverr as well and would like to be able to help others for data entry and other virtual assistant duties.





Im a new to fiverr… Last few days was good… I complete 10 orders…Wow… actually i cant believe… I got my 1st order Very First day I Register here… Fiverr is Super Duper… Aim is Become a Top Rated Seller… Love Fiverr… :heart::heart:


I am happy to see you (@dogwalker1399) as a buyer been able to politely, and with constructive criticism highlight your dissatisfaction at a work.

That been said, I still believe that most sellers here on Fiverr are creative, and finding them may just be where you least expect them. And based on the point @baddison noted, it is highly important to contact a seller first before taking any purchase action.