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Newcomer Questions about "invisible gigs"

hi, i’m a new user here.
Hope you are doing fine :slight_smile:
My question: I created two new gigs in two different categories. When I am searching for the exact job i posted (by filtering through all the gigs/in incognito mode in safari f.i.), they seem to not be online/posted (although the gigs are “active” in my dashboard).
Any ideas?
Thank you, T



did you check if Gig is active in SRP here

The result should look like this:

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hello,welcome to fiverr

Hi thanks so much for your reply!
Yes, i double checked once more: Both of them are “active” (Screenshot:, which is why I thought it’s weird I can’t find them.
Any other ideas?
Appreciate your help,

Thank you for your message :slight_smile:
Happy to be here!