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Hi guys!!

Need your suggestions!!
You might help someone on this forum today.


Perhaps one might be part of the first few persons to create a gig on these and make waves…


The best skills to offer gigs for on Fiverr are the skills YOU are most skilled at completing.


Thank you very much jonbass


I am talking about something new or fairly new in the world. A skill I am not yet capable of “completing”. However, its something I can learn to " compete".


If you don’t already have a skill in something, then it is unwise to offer that as a service. Only offer services for skills you can already deliver to a high level of knowledge and professionalism.

If you are interested in gaining a new skill that you don’t already have, then it would be wise to master that skill BEFORE offering it for sale in a gig on Fiverr. Buyers want to know that the person they have chosen to hire already has a master knowledge of the skill they need. Otherwise, you risk bad reviews, cancelled orders, and a terrible seller reputation.