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Hello everyone!

My name is Marie Jessica Rojas and I just joined Fiverr a few days ago in order to offer my services to other people who need help. I am mainly an Illustrator but I also do Graphic Design work so I currently offer logo and advertising designs. I have experience with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I am confident in my understanding and experience with these programs to create professional and clean Graphic Design work for my future clients but I need help getting clicks and views.

Please let me know any tips or tricks that I can use to help me on this site, thank you in advance!

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Here’s a great tip: Take some time to read the forum. You’ll find a lot of great tips already shared here. :wink:


Hello and welcome! :slight_smile:
Logo designs are quiiiiiiiiite competitive here so it might take a while to get the
ball rolling but as long as you have the skills and do everything the right way you
should do perfectly fine.

There really aren’t tricks when it comes to being successful here at Fiverr ( or any business I guess…) you’ll need to read a lot. You’ll be amazed with how many new sellers ask the same question without really doing their own research, but you will also be amazed with the amount of information you can find at the forum. Be patient, grab your coffee and start your research!

Good luck and happy gigging :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to Fiverr!

For your first order I would recommend using Buyers Requests, but do so with a plan.

Here is a pretty good post by a fellow forum member on this topic:

Besides this, keep tweaking your gig and always remember to self promote:

Best of luck!

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thank you so much for your helpful links!

I recommend that you not offer this as a service. It is against Fiverr’s rules, and could get your gig – or even your entire account – removed for TOS violations.

Um… did you just copy my post and just changed the name and added some things to match what you’re offering?

Welcome Marie Jessica on Fiverr Platform.