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Newly created gig is not showing in the gig list. Please help me


Hi, I’m Muralitharan. Recently I’ve created a new gig in Photoshop Editing category and it’s showing ACTIVE in My Gigs too. But it doesn’t showing in the newest arrivals or any of the gigs list. So May I know when the newly created gig will be visible in the gig list in newest arrivals or any of the list?

Eagerly waiting for the response from anyone.

Thanks in advance.


Please be patient. Fiverr is likely reviewing your new gig, and it will appear in the new arrivals when they are finished with that review process.


Your gig will show up after 24hr, And after that time period, if your gig will not show to you in arrival then contact with cs they can help you in this regard. :slight_smile:


please check your skill and add new skill and 1 important subject( tags ) all tags 1 word same examples background remove 2 .remove background 3 removal background thanks


Thanks a lot for your response. Finally now its showing in Newest arrivals category. Thanks again!!


Thanks for your response. Now my gig is showing in the Newest arrival category.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion.


Welcome, Dear :slight_smile: and best of luck…


My gig isn’t showing up on New Arrivals either. But it has been approved already and is currently active. Can anyone check if they can view this gig in New Arrivals for Web & Mobile Design category?


Dear, If your gig does not show up then please contact CS they will check your problem and 100% sure Fiverr will solve your problem.