Newspaper article about my Fiverr account :)


I was contacted on Fiverr by a journalist from an Irish newspaper and she wanted to write an article on me. At first I was a bit sceptical however looking into it a bit more I gave her my details and the result was an online and paper article which was sent around the whole of Cork! :slight_smile:

Only point I would make is take every opportunity in life you never know what will come of them! :smiley:


Wow! Lucky you! And you look so handsome too…fiverr star!


Awesome! Congratulations! U dont know how much I wished to be on the news like u were. If u dont mind, could u pls refer me or give me contact of the journalist? I’d like to show him my unique gig, he might be interested


Reply to @tumichael: Hey, I don’t think the journalist is writing another article it was also more based on people from Cork. Feel free to contact her on the link though :slight_smile:


Wonderful! Congrats on this :slight_smile:

I think Fiverr is becoming more famous internationally as well :slight_smile: I heard about it thanks to a friend