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Next evaluation in June 15 but my order completion is not 100%

Hi, I am a new seller over there. And recently my order is canceled by the buyer and the reason for cancellation is that the buyer as told when he places an order , he told me to create his website look professional and I accept the order.
But now he told me to cancel the order so I cancel the order. But now my order completion rate is 80% and there was one text show "next evaluation 15 June 2018 ".


So, I was very much worried about that. is my account got affected or what the problem will I face for this. Can anyone explain me.

You’re a new seller, so wouldn’t have been promoted to level 1 in June, so no harm done.

Why specifically did your buyer cancel the order please?


He, said he wants to cancel the order .i convince him to I will do as your requirements, but he said no I want to cancel the order. so I send him a cancel request from resolution center and the canceled by mutually.

And the problem was that he said he wants me now to create a website by my end for his website without login to his wp-admin panel, and that is in 5$ a 6 pages website.

But at first, he does not tell me to do by my end.
After I said no problem I will do in 5 $ by my end.

But he said please cancel the order.
So I canceled .