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Next Evaluation (Red light indicator)

Need to know when this happen? it is supposed to be green, right?


Yes, it’s supposed to be green. Check the requirements for Level 1 Seller, maybe you didn’t reach one of those


This is my brother’s new account.
Couldn’t find any reason!

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I have the same thing. It means, unless you pull up your numbers (if it is possible at all), you will lose the current level.

I had a completed order, but customer took it back later and took refund. So, I think I will be losing my current Seller Level.

There is not much you can do. My understanding is, these numbers are for the last 60/30 days. Whatever went wrong, try to avoid that next time.

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It is red because he has not met the requirements for the next level

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Nothing except last is green.

When all is green date will be green.

I appreciate that. However look into my profile where I didn’t met the selling seniority criteria but my next evaluation is still green. Moreover from the day one when I didn’t met a single criteria then also the indication was green only.

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It is right. if you complete all section then it will be green

Only criteria you have not checked will be completed by the time it is 15.03.

Did any of his orders got cancelled?

Nope. He even didn’t get any buyer.