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Next Ideal Action After sending offer to Buyers Request

As new seller, when you see a Buyer’s Request and respond promptly by sending an offer. What’s the next “Ideal Action” to take afterwards?


Wait. If the buyer accepts your offer, you will receive the notification. Please do not attempt to contact the buyer since it is considered spam.


Thank you @ligiacarvalho for the advice. I won’t contact anyone, I will just wait till he makes an order.


I think it is not possible to contact or DM a Buyer unless a buyer knock, am I right?

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Yes, but if the buyer is also a seller you can find their seller’s account (not easy I know, but there is people good on that lol). However, it is against TOS (as mentioned before), so better to send a great offer and hope it is accepted. If not, move on for the next.


Yeah, that was what I did exactly. I’m just waiting for the buyer to respond or I move on to the next buyer. Thank you.

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