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Next level requirements based on gig category?

Hi everyone, I’d like to discuss/suggest something that I find a little unfair.

I’m a new seller and I’m mainly an article writer, so I charged 5$ for most of my orders so far given that most of my customers don’t ask for more than a few hundred words per article.

Being a new seller, it took me a few months to get my first order and now I’ve finally completed the 10 orders I need for Level One, but I’m very far from fulfilling the 400$ earning requirement. In fact, I’m not even at 100$.

I can’t do otherwise because being a new seller you need to build your reputation and buyers portfolio, so it’s almost “mandatory” to keep your prices cheap in order to attract clients, and I don’t feel like it’s right for me to suddenly make my gig more expensive after gaining just a handful of reviews (even though they’re all 5.0).

Isn’t the 400$ requirement unfair for sellers like me who don’t have “expensive” gigs? Some sellers might do stuff that allows them to get big payments (building a website for example) for every single order so they quickly reach the requirement, but for people like me it might even take months or years to do that and hundreds of orders!

Shouldn’t Fiverr take the “job category” into consideration when setting requirements? A writer might not immediately make as much money as a web developer or a graphic designer, for example.

But we work hard too and we shouldn’t be left behind… Am I talking nonsense? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter :relaxed:

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Not necessarily- you can always charge more- or offer more services.

I only had five dollar gigs for many years and somehow managed to do it. No it’s not unfair. It’s quite achievable.


I don’t feel right charging more because I’m a new seller, so why should clients choose my expensive service instead of someone with more reviews or maybe cheaper prices? When you’re new it’s hard to do that.

Also yes, I have four gigs right now but only one is selling. It’s not really something you can control.

It’s not impossible, I’m saying it takes a longer time for people who have cheaper gigs or that receive order only on a single gig (despite maybe offering several ones). How long did it take for you to reach the 400$ requirement? And how many gigs did you regularly received orders for? I have 4 active gigs but only one is getting orders right now and people usually don’t go for plus services either.

It took a few months and I had about six gigs. Try not to worry too much about your levels. I haven’t found they make a difference. You will either get sales or you won’t no matter what your level is.

There are a lot of sellers who remain at level zero who do very well.

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I thought Level One and Two sellers got more exposition in search tabs and other advantages. :thinking: In your experience, does it really not make much of a difference?

No it’s not based on your level at all from what I’ve observed.

I have a friend who sells and has never reached more than zero and is in the top rows of the first page and does extremely well. She does have about 8 gigs.

It is all about your gigs and if people want to buy them or not. Nothing else, certainly not the level. And if you are good at what you do an present your gigs well there is no reason people won’t buy them.

Well that’s not right- in order to have more than seven gigs you have to be Level 1.