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Nice trick for cheap work!

So this buyer ordered a $5 gig without contacting and asked to do tasks which are worth at least $20.
So I tell him that but he requested to do for $10. I refused and he asked to cancel the order. So I canceled the order.

After a while the buyer comes back and asks to do for $15.

I refuse again, then he goes ahead and orders THREE different gig of $5 ($15) in total.

Now tell me why would he do so? He could made one order of $15, but he didn’t. He is a top buyer, he knows how fiverr works.
If I cancel 3 more order, I’ll get demoted to level zero immediately.
Now after completing those tasks, he says he is not happy.
Either do more work or cancel all order!!!

Very nice trick for buyers.
So if any buyer is reading this, just make bunch of small orders, your seller can’t refuse!!!

And as always, Fiverr Buyer support will be at your disposal, zero help for seller.


If this is how you approach Support, you will make it come true.

Your best option is to contact Support yourself and explain in clear terms what has happened and demonstrate through screenshots what you explained here. Don’t ask or expect Support to do anything, just give them the information and let them know that you have fulfilled the requirements and that you don’t intend to cancel. Tell the buyer in a polite and professional way that you have done what you promised and that you do not cancel over personal taste. Stop responding to the buyer other than that except to click decline on any cancellation requests.

Bad buyers tend to take more advantage of people who don’t respond with clear and professional wording or people who seem willing to allow it. Sure, some bad buyers will go further and contact Support and ask for a cancellation. If you have created an excellent ticket to explain your case, there is a reasonable chance that Support will decline the buyer’s demand. If Support does cancel it, there isn’t much you can do, but you don’t want to start out with a negative idea about it. I see this so much on the forums when I know for sure that there are things sellers can do to help themselves. Too many sellers are their own enemies.

I hope you will work toward better outcomes if you want to freelance. Freelancing isn’t an easy road on any site or in any situation. Owning a business is never an easy street. Good luck.

No matter what you say in fiverr support, they’ll NOT help you cancel the order without affecting your profile.
You HAVE to complete the order.
And after recent policy change toward feedback, they’ll not help you remove bad feedback.
So I’m not sure what I should expect from support.

I have been freelancing for 4 years. Fiverr has the worst environment/support for freelancers in my experience.

this type of buyer can ruins any seller id

I didn’t say not to complete the order. I also didn’t say they would remove bad feedback. What you get if you can complete a job without a forced cancellation is the money. I’m not going to rehash what I already said, though.

Diversification is your friend.