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Niche Familiar Forum Poster Wanted


Hi All, Sorry to start a discussion over this, but I couldn’t find an answer elsewhere, I also can not find that perfect writer. I am in the market for a “full time” forum posting professional who is comfortable with semi-truck and motorhome topics. This would be an ongoing project.

How can I go about finding my perfect match here?

Thanks a bunch, Marty.


Okay, so I’m not big on giving buying tips, but I do hope my reply will be of help to you.

Barely minutes ago, I did a simple search with the key phrase “forum posting” and the search results had dozens of related gigs where sellers offered to make posts (of varying word length and number) on forums (owned by the buyer or related to the buyer’s industry/niche).

Of course, not all of the gigs’ sellers will be “comfortable with semi-truck and motorhome topics,” but if I were you, I’ll first have to pick out a few sellers with good ratings and turn around time, after which I’ll message them individually on “the custom needs” (say if they’re okay making forum posts on semi-truck and motor home topics).

You’ll get enough replies within 24 hours which will help you make an informed decision.



I did the same search and I too found a good number of people willing to post to forums. I have contacted several and they are not comfortable in these topics.

Thank you, Marty


If you want a Seller to provide a specific service, please use the Request a Gig feature on your profile. Underneath your profile picture on the top right of the screen, Go to My Orders >>Request a Gig. Then input the specifics that you require. Sellers will respond to your request once it has been approved.