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Niche Research on Fiverr?

Hi anyone! Does anybody know of a way to do research on what types of things buyers are searching for on Fiverr, so I can see if I have the skills necessary to offer that service?

For example, maybe I’m great at planning workouts for people. How would I find out whether that’s something buyers are searching for, which sellers dominate that market, and other similar data points?

As of now the only way I know how to research seems to be just searching for a gig that fits that description and checking review counts of other sellers offering it, but that seems very inefficient. Any better ideas?

Though I am very new to this platform. But I don’t think so there’s an way. However expert might know better. Basically I also want to know🙂

There is no way that you can see what buyers are looking for


I would like to tell you.

That is not important what the buyer is searching. If your service is unique before create your gig first you can search keywords on Fiverr. Fiverr provide you some recommendations in the search bar. It means this is the search result of buyers. Fiverr recommend means almost buyers search. We can choose that word in our gig.

Your service is

“fix Wordpress issues”

Fiverr recommends you while you a search is

“fix WordPress on-page issues”

That means this is buyers search result. What buyers are searching on Fiverr and we can choose that keyword in our gig.

Thank you

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That’s helpful to know which keywords to know within your niche, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the niche itself.

In your example, “fix WordPress on-page issues” may be one of the most searched phrases within the wordpress niche, but it doesn’t tell you whether the Wordpress niche as a whole is popular or not.