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Nigeria and Resume'

I’m looking to have a resume’ done. It seems like a very large number of sellers for this category are from Nigeria. It’s fine, but just wondering if anyone knows why so many from there?


Maybe it’s a thing there? Who knows.

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There are many, many sellers from developing nations in Africa and Asia (probably moreso than sellers from first world countries). I don’t want to make assumptions, so take this with a grain of salt, but it could be because they are more likely to get fair pay working for themselves on sites like this than what they would otherwise get. For example, the Nigerian average wage for one month in 2018 was 68000 NGN, which is equivalent to approx $200 USD.


idk. like @misscrystal said, it may be popular there.

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You have a point, we from this part of the world are always trying survive, hence we learn skills and try to monitize them on platforms like this.
For me i don’t want to sit back and blame the government for my woes, I instead learn some skills and make money legitimately off it.
I am new here, I hope to really get jobs.

NB: Reason why most Nigerian can write a resume is based on the fact that the the unemployment rate here is very high, so we get to see so many job seekers needing good resume, thereby making people learn how to write a good resume.


5r is a Global Market, sadly in many Countries, jobs are hard to find. Making a living is extremely difficult. So, this is an outlet for them to earn money to support themselves/families. Usually, it’s W.O.M (word of mouth).


I know this conversation is about a year old, but then i would love to air my view of the subject matter!

RESUME writing :writing_hand: is a cliche and the art of getting one done can only be mastered by constant knowledge updates, Nigerians and some other developing country have proven to elevate the potential that exists in (intellectual wealth) rather than placing any unrealistic expectations on what school/certifications can offer as per wealth creation is concern
Offering services on fiverr is one of those options that supports the idea of MULTIPLE STREAM OF INCOME or let’s say PASSIVE INCOME and that a financial genius move

One love :v:t5: