Nigerian Scammer Alert: Fragglesrock


Here’s their Fivver gig:

Total scam. Nigerian douche not only manually entering email addresses then drowning out with FB bots. I have many nice screenshots of tracking and Analytics if anybody cares.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out sellers or buyers on the forum is not allowed. Please contact customer support with any concerns



It’s not that we don’t care, but calling out another is against Forum rules.

If you feel you’ve been scammed you should report this with your screenshots to Fiverr Customer Support.


Hello fiverr’s this dude is walking about on fiverr looking for whose reputation he will put to the dust. I come out boldly to defend my self that you should ignore this statement. This seller is talking about has a good rating and he also has positive feedback. Just check the gig and you will see for your self. All didagreement between buyer and seller should be done between both parties and not coming to fiverr forum to tell lies. [Fragglesrock] Please mind the way you talk in the public and be sincere with your self

Sheriff’s note: Please do not call out sellers or buyers on the forum