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Night Mode In Fiverr?

I have a suggestion and I hope that the Fiverr team could think about that.

Is there any way to get ‘Night Mode’ on the website and Fiverr App? There are situations for sellers that they have sit for more than 3 4 hours for communication with the client and delivering projects. And night mode would help in this situation by reducing eye strain etc. especially when you work at night and have a good time difference with your clients.
Looking forward to knowing the reader’s thoughts on my suggestions.


i need this too. fiverr app especially


Good suggestion. fiverr should look into this.


Indeed! Love the suggestion. In the meantime, you might try the Google Chrome addon for PC to force a dark mode on Fiverr and other websites. It works well with some websites, but not all, so you just have to test. Here it is:


This is a good idea. Like the others said :point_up: you can download that app/extension. Or you can just check your computer settings. Most newish computers come with that feature. Same for mobile phones. Android has a blue light filter option built in.


There is an app you can install called f.lux. Google it. I use it on my computers.


Great idea. It is intense on the eyes and we shouldn’t have to rely on external apps to address this.


Thanks. That’s a really good extension.
But I wonder if it is secured and doesn’t keep any personal data on the website we visit?


I don’t really recommend this extension for anyone, it seems really innocent but it has all the access to read and change the data on the site you’re currently on or at least the site you’re visiting as it clearly mentions. I know that to enable dark mode feature that developer should have both the read and write permission but they don’t state that they use that particular access ONLY to enable that dark mode feature. :wink:


Not only this one, but most of the extensions which are there under unknown brand names or unknown developers are doing this stuff while showcasing their non-profit work.

I highly recommend not to use this kind of an extension (or any extension) on a market place like Fiverr if you wish to keep your stuff safe. :slight_smile:


Love the suggestion! Its really relief for eyes :+1:


For those who spend a lot of time on forum and do not like waiting for dark mode or installing an extension I suggest to make a couple of clicks in Chrome’s developer tools in CSS and you get this all over the forum.

Not permanently of course.


Could you tell what changes you made?

Well, it is just a quick and dirty “solution” that is lost if you refresh the page.

But if you don’t, it works quite well.

First change background-color property in class “docked drop-down-mode …”

Second, you would need to go a bit deeper in elements structure to find class “topic-body-clearfix” and disable property background-color and add color property with eg white color so that the text is in contrast with background.

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Thanks for the information!

Big Flex: I have the dark mode for the Fiverr App! :heart_eyes:

How is it?

Looks awesome :open_mouth:

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Where is the night mode option in App?

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That would be awesome.

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That would be great idea.

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Nice idea! Sometimes these whites hurts my eyes. :slight_smile:

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