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Night owl..?

The world is now a global village. People in USA can communicate with people in other side of the world without any hassle. Communication technology keeps getting newer and newer everyday.

But One thing…!! You can’t challenge nature. When people in this side are up and working people in other side is sleeping after having nice dinner. That’s a circle.

I’m from Sri Lanka which is a small beautiful country in east side of the world. Below India. most of orders I get is from USA and UK and countries from that side of the world. So they contact me around 1 in the morning. And some of the order gig even without contacting me first.

So usually I have to stay up and reply them. But if I miss or get late to reply they simply just go to another seller.

I love being a NIGHT OWL. Because at the end Orders are the things which makes me happy. But I really wish if there’s a way we can sort it out without sacrificing our sleep.

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