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Nightmare buyer!

Yesterday a buyer contacted me and asked “Can you edit my presentation within 8 hours?”. I said OK and send a custom offer. In the requirement field we mentioned only to proofread it. When I checked his presentation, it was in poor quality. (You may need microscope to read the content in slides. font size=8,) So I contacted him and requested permission to edit slides and add pictures.( There wasn’t any picture) But he said only to proofread. So I asked my proofreader to check grammar and spellings. Then I delivered it. But now he gave me a 3.7 rating! I did what he asked me to do! :confounded::weary::flushed::angry::mask: That’s really unfair!

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oh that’s far from being a nightmare,
once I had a client who kept requesting modification forever and he was never satisfied with the delivery even though it was for 5$ and the work I did cost about 100$

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3.7 is great! :slight_smile: Don’t stress about it. And I believe that counts as a positive review, so no reduction in total %.

And it won’t have any effect on your sales. You can also give your side of the story in the review, telling you didn’t have a microscope, so delivering it was challenging. Then people will only laugh at that buyer and ignore their review.

If you really do want it to be removed, you can contact the buyer and let him know that you do offer revisions if anything in the order was not to their liking. Though I’m not sure if you are allowed to ask him to change their review in return.


Atleast it isn’t a negative review. Once you get more 5 star reviews, that review will get washed out easily.

You can ask customer service to remove that review cause the buyer not right. I did do that in the pass.

For me. it’s this communication thing. Obviously you delivered what you thought they wanted. In their mind they wanted something different, something better. I try to send the finished work before the deadline in a message (without marking as delivered) to iron out any issues like this before we finalise. It isn’t always possible, but when you do, they might ask for a few changes and protect your rating.

Problem was solved. I edited his presentation again and asked him to edit review.

I found someone months ago. I did pass 15 days to finish his project only for $60. Finally, I got 5* but then clearly denied him to do next project.

same approach! :slight_smile: