Nightmare trying to pay for any gigs on Fiverr


I have used Fiverr three times.The first 2 jobs were awful-my 4 year old could have done better.I paid for them and left it at that,could not use at all.The last job was great but unfortunately the designer is not available anymore.

My BIGGEST nightmare with Fiverr though is paying for the gigs with a credit card! Cannot get it done at all. Keeps coming up with the address is incorrect or my mastercard or Visa cards are not accepted.I have no problems using them anywhere else!Why does Fiverr make it so hard to do business?


My experience on Fiverr has been more as a seller than a buyer, but I actually have purchased more than $70 worth of gigs and quite a few of those were base $5 gigs. I have actually had good experiences. I do write to the seller first to make sure I know what I’m getting into and that their messages demonstrate the ability to deliver what I need.

Some I have contacted don’t even write back and of course, I don’t order their gigs. Of he ones that do write back, I have found a couple that couldn’t communicate well and I didn’t buy their gigs either. The rest have generally been pretty good. I haven’t run into any payment issues at all, although I’ve primarily used PayPal or Fiverr credit to buy with. You might want to contact Fiverr Customer Support and tell them what errors you get. They may have a great suggestion.


Regarding not getting good work…what kind of gigs were you buying? And did you contact the sellers beforehand to go over any details? And jsut to kind of check out how well they communicate?

As for payment, what country are you in? HOw did you pay for the first 2 jobs?


Its true…I had contacted fragglesrock so many times for a gig and they just ignore me. From China he/she is… I wish everyone could communicate better! it would help.

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