Nighttime! It's about time!


Joyous day fellow doers!

I just wrote to another seller on Fiverr to establish a relationship. It’s before 9am here in New York, I saw she was in Australia and figured I’d be catching her late in the evening — I didn’t realize HOW late. Apparently after Midnight! OH NO!!! And she was online just a half hour ago… I hope I didn’t wake her.

But — and this is exciting! — Fiverr sent the message and popped up on the screen that it’s NIGHTTIME where she is and that she is OFFLINE and to please be patient.

Does Fiverr finally realize we need to sleep? Is this something new?

I get gigs from around the world. I had to put my phone on Do Not Disturb between 11pm and 4am so I at least can get 5 solid hours in.

Does anyone leave Fiverr on even while sleeping?

The Eclectic Tech


Yesterday I also first time put my phone to Do not disturb as messages we’re comming in and I was not able to fall a sleep. (I was answering them till 3AM, then went to sleep but they were still comming in) - and I am NEW seller here, so I can’t imagine how this would look like for top rated sellers. :slight_smile:


My phone is in a different room, but for the past few nights I forgot to put my watch on do not disturb before starting sleep tracking, I slept right through ~4 emails.


Yes this is a new feature which is currently being rolled out.

It has already been discussed here:


Hmm. I’m not sure this is available to everyone.

I woke up to 7 messages from a buyer asking when is his order going to be done, very frustrated that I wasn’t answering him, after he placed a $5 order with a standard 3 days delivery.

I’m not sure if he got that notification. Or maybe he just completely ignored it. :smile:


Absolutely I do not leave my phone on overnight. Fiverr goes beddy-byes when I go beddy-byes.


I apologize for the off-topic, but just in case:

I hope that you didn’t offer your services to this seller, unless they have asked about them.


I’m not discussing — I’m RANTING :slight_smile: lol


Thanks for the concern. I contact other sellers in the hopes of getting to know them well enough to RECOMMEND them to my own buyers. I’m not selling anything to them myself. I’m hoping to be able to recommend qualified sellers for services that compliment what I’m doing. Maybe they’d get to know me and recommend my services too.