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Nine months: Over 1000 reviews, and 1500 gigs on Fiverr


Just a big thank-you to so many!

It’s been a whirlwind and last week I hit a milestone: From my first gig sold to my 1,000th review in under 9 months. I’m within a day of delivering my 1,5000th gig.

The first few months were slow… Once past about 200 gigs, things started to pick up and have accelerated ever since. It doesn’t hurt that I had years of VO experience BEFORE Fiverr so I had the production systems and experience to deal with the surges that arrived.

Just starting to feel like I get it here, and at the current rate I’ll hit 2,000 delivered gigs after 11 months.

I’ve been encouraged by so many and appreciate my repeat buyers, they have been amazing!

If I can do it, others who are experienced in their category can do it too…


(…and I am so sorry, my eyes immediately went to the cute cat instead of you.
You have a lovely smile, it’s just that…well, I love cats.)

Get your friends together and go celebrate! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


:slight_smile: Thanks: I didn’t intend it but I’m one of the few in my category with a cat. Plus that cat loves my 100 lb. dog (a big friendly golden lab). I’ve thought of putting both in my next photo, but his one has worked out well for me. (You’re not the first to tell me it was the cat that had them listen to my demo… I suspect some dog lovers ignored me too… I’ll never know. )

Inadvertently I may have stumbled over something that makes my picture stand out among the sea of headshots in the female VO category.

Thanks for the kind words!


Why is that? Because cat hair clogs the micro? :smirk_cat:

Congrats on that many reviews, and on the cat and smile. :slight_smile:


Grats! I like your cat too. (I have two, although my current profile photo didn’t have enough room to fit them in too.) :smile_cat:


My husband and I work together (he does all my audio processing, and some VO too.) He posted my gig when we started. He created the account and put up all the details, because he had done his a month or two earlier and knew the drill.

He went to my FB photos to find one as a starting point. That’s the one he selected that day, and I had others he liked that were not on FB, but he didn’t have already available on his computer. So he went with that one, not really thinking much about it.

It wasn’t some focus group tested thing. I don’t think he asked anybody just decided it was a good starting point, but now I doubt I’ll change it because it worked for me.

Looking back, I think it helps me stand out more than I realized.


Congratulations on the achievement, hopefully I will be able to say as much by the end of the year, that would be awesome. Wish you the best and keep up the good work.




Now I’m working to see if I can hit 2000 gigs by my 1 year mark (almost too easy at the current order rates) and 1500 ratings (not so easy…)

It will be a stretch, but I’m going for it. (This month is going very well so far, one of my best overall.)