No $5 Basic on Gig


I just started a new Gig and I set it up etc. I then got an email saying that I had no Basic $5 gig. I am confused because I thought that the $5 gig was just added automagically as the Default price for your minimum gig? I only see that I can add Extras but I don’t see anything that has an input for the Basic $5 gig at all.

Any hints? I’ve never had this issue before so maybe it’s because I am a level 2 seller now? If not, then Fiverr needs to make it clearer on what to do here.


Where would I even enter in what people get for the $5? The only thing I can really put in is the title “I will…” then in the description I just talk about what will happen. I don’t see any spot for a “Basic $5” entry.

Or are they automagically grabbing text from my Description and searching for pricing etc? With magic.


Gotcha. I think in the Description, not the Title, I added that the Basic + $5 will get you ‘so and so’…so I think thats what tipped it off and sent it back to me.

thanks for the info! :slight_smile: