No activity in 23 days: I'm so down about this:(


Well, it’s not like I expected to hit paydirt overnight, but I can’t understand WHY I have had so little activity on here; no orders since Groundhog Day-literally! I feel like I got my hopes up for nothing. Prior to becoming a member here I bought what looked like a very good e-book Fiverr guide by an experienced “power seller” and five other co-authors. They seemed to indicate that it would just be a little “slow” until you got your first gig. I have been a member of eBay for going on seven years and I know from experience it’s got its good days and bad; depending on different variables (some things you have for sale could get 20 bids and others not even a look.) But my feedback score there is good (from both buying and selling-I have a turquoise star I think, with no negatives.)

I see other sellers on here who seem to be doing better…and by that I mean in similar time frames; I’m not comparing myself with those who have been here since 2013 or so…

I wish some of you could tell me in all honesty what I could do to get more activity? Any critiques on my gig profile page that could use a little improvement are welcomed.

Oh, and yes, I do know about social media; I don’t know if I’m doing it right or not.

Thank you to any helpful feedback. I really need a little cheering up!


Hi I looked at your gigs looks good do you look at buyer requests? if not try that and offer your services this will help you to get responses and sales.




You might want to research other fiverr sellers and what they’re offering in your field(s). You will need to make your gig very competitive, a lot of value for the money, super fast turnaround time, etc., in order to get those first sales. Over delivery always, and communicate very quickly with anyone interested in your gigs. I would also do some research into how to promote your gigs off-site. Most of us who are here are doing that to some degree or other.

As you get some buyers and excellent ratings, your visibility rises and it builds on itself. You’ll then be able to make a lot more per sale using gig extras and charging more, etc.


Well, I’ll have to check into that “buyer requests”…where do I find??

As per e-book author’s advice, I’ve been trying to go with the “easier” gigs…the ones that would be worth one’s while for 5 bucks…since I cannot offer extras without becoming a Level 1 seller.


Reply to @gwenhwyfar37: For buyer requests, click on your username and hover over My Sales. You see see an option for Buyer Requests. You can get orders that way, it’s how I started and I still use it to pick things up on slow periods, but don’t let yourself get too frustrated with them. You have to pick a gig that matches the category the Buyer thought matched their request, so sometimes it’s not quite right.

I put a line in my gig descriptions to tell them that if they found me through a response I gave to Buyer Requests that they should contact me before ordering to discuss the actual agreement. Before I did that I had problems with people just buying a $5 gig because I responded and then expecting way too much work.

As far as the e-book you read, there is some truth to what it says except that you need more sales first. Instead of following the advice of the book yet, I would start out offering the best thing you can do, offer it with the fastest turnaround you can handle, and be willing to work for free at first. You might need to spend an hour or more per gig to build ratings. Once you have a level you can reduce it as needed. I did it by cutting back to a half hour per gig at level 1. Once I hit level 2 then I cut it to some easier gigs fast and cheap and some more difficult gigs where I basically offer sample work at $5 and much more for longer/complex work.

I haven’t looked at your gigs yet but I’m procrastinating especially well after completing a tough gig so I’ll take a look at your profile and gigs to see if I can help with anything. Good luck!


Reply to @gwenhwyfar37: After looking at your gigs and they look pretty good to me. I love the username, by the way! Very cool! Promoting yourself on social media is great; it just takes time to build good promotional accounts. There are a ton of free or .99 e-books with excellent information on how to do it; you’ll just have to weed through a lot of junk to find gems of information. Look for blogs, sites or e-books on how to promote yourself, market yourself, and drive traffic.

The only other thing I can suggest is to diversify if possible. I’ve paid someone to re-draw a .PNG for me and send it in vector format. If you can do that it might sell well. Some of the “fun” gigs can do well too, or just get people to your profile. Use a cute pet as a pet model is one I want to get into. Short silly videos you can shoot with your phone will sell for gifts/pranks if you aren’t too camera shy. Unique ways of displaying someone’s message is good too, you just have to come up with a fresh idea or a different way of doing it. Many of those don’t require special skills, just a creative mind! That’s all I can think of for now but I think you are on the right track. Just good communication well benefit you, your profile photo will make people smile instead of yawn.

Hope that helps!