No "add video" button just "edit video."


I’m new to Fiverr and can’t find the answer to this in the forum. I’ve gone to Seller>My Gigs and next to my gig there is only an “edit video” button that gives me the option to “Replace (upload another video)” or “Remove (delete the video from your gig)” a video. There is no “add video” to click but I’m reading about all it over the forum. Am I searching in the wrong place?

I want to add a video to the one I already have on my gig. I don’t want to replace my video with another or delete the one I have. I want to add an additional video to the one that is there so buyers can watch more than 1 example in different videos. Do I have to resolve this by doing 1 long video of examples? If I do that it will exceed 30 seconds. Isn’t that all I’m allowed in my gig videos?

I see plenty of sellers (new and old) who have more than 1 video up. Can anyone help?


you can only have 1 video if anyone has more than one video it means that those are sample videos that you have the option to show when you deliver it but only if you buyer agrees to show his content


Very helpful Matt. Thank you. Whatever video you do can only be 30 seconds right?


Reply to @ttoday: Your video can be longer but if you ever want to be featured in the future, fiverr may ask you to shorten it. If you want to add additional videos, you could upload it to youtube, and add the youtube link to your gig description. Just make sure there’s no contact information is added to the video or its description.


Awesoooooome!!! Thx musiclover!!


Reply to @ttoday: You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


You will find that shorter videos will generally get better responses. Think about when searching for information. The longer the article, the less inclined you may be to read it. If you do read it, you may “tune out” after a while.

I was tempted to make my videos as long as I needed to explain everything, but the best videos are able to get the key and important information out in 30 seconds or less. (a min max).


Reply to @givemeapps: I agree. The only videos I like to be longer are for music or voiceover gigs because I like to hear a lot of different sames & styles, especially there’s not much in the seller’s live portfolio.


I like shorter videos too.

I ended up just using two examples and fit them both in under 30 seconds in one video. I’ll tweak the video if I need to once I get buyers but it gets the point across which is all that matters. Not trying to go overboard when they’re aren’t any buyers yet. Thanks again!!


Anytime :slight_smile: