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No Adwords experience but I am determined to get into the industry. Will people hire me without experience?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to land a role in PPC but I have no experience. Fiverr seems like a great place to get some. I do plan on being completely transparent about my experience and offering pretty basic services for the lowest price possible (obviously I am only trying to do this for experience not money). Will people pay for these services and can anyone provide me with some help on how to sell myself or any advice whatsoever?

Ps. If there is a thread for this already then you can just redirect me lol

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


You may have noticed that Fiverr, among other places, is inundated with new sellers who do have experience.

You’d be better advised to learn how to do this first …


You can probably practice by following YouTube tutorials. Finding a good series might be difficult, but if you can finish a project from beginning to end, you’ll have much better standing.

The problem right now is that, if you’ve never done it before, you won’t know how long it takes to do anything. There was a section in my projects management textbook that stated the general IT sector had a bad habit of underestimating resources needed to finish projects. (The hypothesis was because the industry is so new, it’s hard to predict.) Since you’re new, you cannot risk taking on a project for a paying client that has expectations of a specific deadline. A bad first order can ruin a new seller.

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Hi there, I know you’re a bit annoyed with the comment you replied to because they are a developer.

PPC requires customers to trust you with their money. I handled this at my day job for a time, and it’s tricky - particularly in high competition industries. Trusting a beginner with PPC isn’t the safest thing to do, and PPC is all about ROI. Learn the industry first, before offering your skills. It’s similar to offering accountancy services with no knowledge of accounting - you can very easily blow a budget on Google Ads within 1 day with no return. It can be incredibly rewarding, so good luck with learning how to run succesful ad campaigns! App Sumo has a crash course ebook for free on this, I think.

And no, I don’t offer anything of the sort on Fiverr.