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No amount of kindly asking


No amount of “kindly asking” me to change a Gig based on it’s category makes up for the way that Fiverr implied I violated the Terms of Service in an email.

What is this? The word kindly doesn’t make me any less angry. It got reviewed a while ago and approved, and now it’s unapproved?

And I’m probably one of the few people on this site that actually read the ToS! I’m sorry, but it’s not a ToS violation to disagree with a random unnamed editor the last time I checked.

And really, it’s in the wrong category? Since when? Or is this an example of Fiverr creating a new subcategory and then blaming me because I don’t sit there and read the category list 3 times a day?


If your gig was denied, the best way to get a clear answer is to contact Customer Support.


That’s the bizzare thing. It’s not denied. It was approved and now many months later “needs modification”. No explanation, just ‘wrong category’.

I’d ask CS but the last time I asked them about Gig content (granted it was before I tried to submit it) the response was ‘we can’t comment on that. Try to post it and see what happens.’

Not to be picky, but I think your response is a little better suited for my other posting (the one asking for suggestions). This post is more meant for fellow complainers. Thanks though. I’m still waiting for my other CS request to be answered too.



Please try contact with fiverr #support. Hope you will get an answer regarding this issue.

also, please will share us once you get any solution.

Best of luck. waiting for your next answer


Not really sure what to make of things like that either. I mean of course I completely understand that they won’t ‘comment on actions taken’ when you report someone for illegal things or doing something against TOS and such, that’s the right thing to do, but I can’t quite see where the problem is with telling someone which part of their own gig isn’t okay or what category it should go in, if one already takes the time to review it.


(update) … and now, as if I didn’t see the email, the notification that won’t go away, and the number 1 next to “needs modification,” I have to look at this hideously annoying orange notification banner that drops down like an unwanted surprise every so often to remind me!

(further update) Of all the… I edited the Gig, hit save, and got an error message that I should try again later… and then it moved into pending approval (not once but twice) and won’t show me if it actually saved the changes! Fiverr, If you don’t like the Gig just say so - making me angry won’t make me go away!


I can talk a lot faster than I can type, especially at increased volumes. :grin:


I’ve had similar issues. Seems to be mis-communication. OP, are you from the UK?


Nope, U.S.

Great, now I have to look at a weird wiggling blue box. Because of course I’m not allowed to answer your question unless I use more than 20 characters. Surprise validation strikes again!

And my official update is (for all of you that just had to know what happened): now approved by moving it into the creative writing subcategory, which no longer has much creative writing in it, but contains pretty much everything but creative writing. Oh, excuse me: freelance content writing.