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No any buyer request show why?

hello guys,
i am unable to see buyer request. what can i do? i am opening an account from last 1 month and not getting any order. not a single buyer request show in my buyer request section.

any advice appreciated.



As per my experience towards buyers request, I have noticed buyers request comes when you shares your gig. As much as you will share your gig more buyers request you will get.

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it depend on seller level when i join fiverr i also had few requets at the begining


ohh thanks buddy for your advice.

I have not
get any single request.

I got requests after publishing new gig, but seems like it only shows nitch in which you have your gigs, and amount of available request is very low when you have low sales.

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You are most welcome :innocent:

Hi Alpha. I know this case, when buyer requests not showing. I watched one video on youtube months ago and it’s like hack. You need to edit your gig’s category. Let’s say if your gig is in “Design” category you must change to “Other” and save. After that refresh website and click on buyers requests. I tried and it works


But bro, after creating gig, we can’t change category.

You right. I mean second part of category not basic one

**yeah brother I understand. **

thanks for your valuable advice

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Welcome buddy :wink: Have you tried already?

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bro its really works. :partying_face:

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Wow. This really works. Thanks for the hack.

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Cool. Welcome <3
I’m glad

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i have same issue in some gig

Change your gig category.