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No any Job Given to me

Still no one given me a job to do. Started Fiverr last week. Please give me solution.


I have checked your gigs out. I have to say you one thing. Fiverr is not a platform where you can earch USD 5 for any work. Believe me you can earn about USD 2000 a month. Please don’t accept to any request you cannot deliver. and your gig images and descriptions are of very low quality. Update them. Work honestly on fiverr. Promise less, deliver more. If you cannot do some works simply say I cannot. You work for you not for your buyer. Don’t ride the mountain for only $5. Sell small projects for $5 and make extra package options for medium and bigger size projects. Your gig contains one line description and no package description at all. So how can you think to get an order?

Buyers will at most visit your order and no sooner the page loads than he will click on back button. So please edit them so that those look professional and high quality.

Deliver high quality and exactly as you promised. But don’t be greedy for works that you cannot do. Don’t over promise. Doing this will cause in cancellation of order and will result in nothing but a bad review. That will hurt you in the long run.

Please make a good brand.

That was step 1. If you can do step 1 correctly then follow the next steps:
2. If you get low impression try improving your gig title and descriptions. I think after following step 1 you should automatically get enough impressions.
3. If you get enough impressions but less click → Improve title and gig image.
4. If you get clicks but not orders → Improve your gig description with answering common questions. The more you answer you in the description, the more you are liikely to get more orders quickly. Use AIDA marketing pattern in your gig description.

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Here are some suggestion to get an order quickly

  1. Use proper keywords for your niche.
  2. Send 10 buyer’s requests daily as it will come buyers to your profile.
  3. Write an attractive proposal at the buyer’s request.
  4. Try to keep online for maximum time.
  5. Write a proper description of the gig.

I am about to become a Level 1 Seller. What I can say that fiverr takes care of SEO. You will have to provide quality delivery. Please watch isurusudu999s gig at Those are of very low quality.

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Thankyou for your advices. I try to do my best.


Hi, I hope the following feedback will be helpful to you.

Your gig has little to no information about what you can provide your clients and what is there needs fixing in terms of your English. The first impression? Why would I trust a seller who cannot even take the time to put together a decent description.
Don’t state that you’re a genius, not to say you’re not a genius, it’s just sounds a tiiiiny bit arrogant and unprofessional. “I’m a genius” isn’t any good if you can’t show work samples.

Capitalise I (it isn’t “i”). put a space after comma’s and break down your gig into details. Add more examples of your work. The one you have doesn’t scream genius. And up your gig price a little to what you think you’re worth! $5 is nothing, and while there are plenty of buyers who want the $5 gig, there are also plenty of buyers who are happy to pay higher prices for excellent work and peace of mind.

The only review you have is a 1 star cancellation, so send buyer requests every day but make them good requests and you will start to get jobs in and build reviews.

Please don’t feel that I am being harsh or overly critical, it’s just honest feedback intended to help. There are thousands of gigs offering this kind of work on Fiverr and you have to stand out.

All the best on your journey.

EDIT: The advice to stay online constantly is useless and makes no difference unless you want to catch buyer requests the second they come in.


Thankyou very much :heart::heart:

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how can I send buyer request? I only know that I can post a Gig only.

It may be that you can only send them if you have a certain rating level. So spend your time giving your gig some love and attention and trust you’ll get buyers in :slight_smile:

What is the pixel to make a gig banner?

I got the first order after 3 months so there is no reason to worry, try to be more active and send 10 buyer request per day.

How can I send Buyer request? Is it same as the gigs?

You send offers to buyer requests by going to “more->buyer requests” when in seller mode. Though I don’t think you can send offers there unless your average rating is about 4.5 stars or higher (or whatever it thinks is a 90% positive rating).

I’d check the spelling of the gig titles and gig descriptions too (you could check them in something like Word or an online checker). Also I’d make sure the gig images don’t get cropped too much on the profile by making them around 1.619:1 aspect ratio.

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