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No any order coming

very bored but I continue hard-working.

Please, anyone, give a advise me how do I improve in this field.

Thank You.


Research other sellers gig the service you provides .What they provides in their gigs ,tag,title ,description ,gig image all the things.Then try to make a unique title ,description.package ,gig image that attract buyers to your gig


Remain online and continue to help others. That’s what I have learned. In order to work on Fiverr, you need to constantly provide value to others. Either help people in your niche or provide great value. I hope that helps.

Try to help people via this forum. It will help your online freelance reputation.


Make your gig as attractive and worthwhile as possible. Ensure your potential clients that they will get the exact value for the price or even better. Keep researching your competitions and stay up to date. Keep replying to buyer requests, it’s an effective way to land you first order.


1.Stay online
2.keep updated in your field
3.responsd to buyer request**(highly recommended)**
4.Make gig attractive, SEO title, unique description, also add video
NOTE last and most important BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF


These articles may help you .


how can i stay online most of the time?

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Keep trying. :slightly_smiling_face:

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2.send buyer request every day

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Unless you’re giving out good advice, you’re probably hurting your reputation. I skimmed your forum replies and it looks like you’re mostly correct in the advice you give, but advising others to ‘be helpful’ when they haven’t done the research only encourages spam.

The forums are Discourse, and completely separate from the Fiverr platform.

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Thanks, Brother, for this advice. Thanks a lot.

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Hope you will get an order soon.Be patience & Wish you all the best. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Use less competition keyword…Send buyer request Daily

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Sorry, but some people are here for months without receiving their first order. You’ve joined hardly a month ago. Just be patient.


you have to stay online on a mobile app or on a laptop…
and remember don’t use any extension (auto refresher)
thanks …

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Either way, I think Fiverr has flagged my account or something. I just cannot rank on the search result. I’ve tried each and every way there is.