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No any order yett

hello all,

i did not get any orders yet and i need your suggestion please


Be patient!
Just one word. There is no easy way to get an order quick.


thanks for reply…

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It took me almost a year before I got my first order.

That was 4 years ago and back before 1,500 new Sellers were joining Fiverr daily, as is how it appears now.

You have a TON of competition compared to when I first joined.

So…be patient.

You may find that Fiverr isn’t the place for you.

Or you may find that it is.

One thing is for sure, Fiverr is not an instant work place.


Same to you brother.

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Three of your five gigs state ‘I will do bookkeeping’.

You cannot have multiple gigs offering the same service unless they are substantially different.

Your gigs are not substantially different.


It’s astounding isn’t it? The op thanks the poster with the least useful reply.

The other posts that relate actual experience and provide insightful help and feedback get ignored.

And people wonder why I’m fed up with offering help in the forum… :roll_eyes: