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No article delivered by fragglesrock!

I ordered an article from fragglesrock on February 7 but not received yet, what to do?

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maybe fragglesrock isn’t like the other one, maybe there is something goping on that the audience doesn’t know or they do and it is well tricky. I am amazed that there is so much quiet time, given that doubt is there now and clothes aren’t flying

Have you tried to contact him and ask what’s going on?

fragglesrock is a reliable guy, he’s been here a while. If he hasn’t given you your work, he must be having some kind of problem. Have you done what dzgn_101 suggested and contacted him?

Sheriff’s note: please do not call out other users!

He didn’t answer!

Reply to @mellony: If the deadline has passed, I suggest you request a cancellation.

Maybe he’s having problems and if anything that might prompt a conversation.

What are you talking about? I did answer.

You messaged:

18:08 MARCH 03, 2015

I responded:

18:12 MARCH 03, 2015

You messaged again:

21:26 MARCH 03, 2015

I responded:

00:25 MARCH 04, 2015

So don’t lie, ok? This thread still comes up in Google search, so don’t say I didn’t respond. As I explained; I was sick, and was a little behind, but it is seriously IRRITATING that you said I didn’t respond when I responded within 4 minutes. In fact; at the time of this thread you hadn’t even tried to get in touch with me.

I also explained that I was sick just after the order was due, and you said it was ‘fine’ :slight_smile:

Reply to @stevenlindquist: What are you trying to say?