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No attachments while they say they're there

In the requests section, I see very often that there’s an attachment (according to the request), but there’s actually nothing attached.
Or — another option — they say there are several attachments while actually there is only one.
I think that’s unlikely it’s just one mistake of one buyer. It should be something wrong with the site in general.

Why is that important?

  1. That’s just uncomfortable, and we can’t underestimate just this point.
  2. Sometimes I can’t know if that’s something I can reply to or it would be better to keep my replies (only 10 per day!) for another requests. Because it says: “I need a pic in the style like in attachment”, and I can’t see the attachment, and I don’t do any styles.

Do you know why is that? Do you know how to fix it?

(By the way, I hope it’s not one of those “try to clear your cache” things, the problem remains for years and was seen from different devices & browsers. I am writing about it only now as my patience is over.)

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Honestly, when I see that, I figure the buyer’s simply forgot to attach the files. It seems that most of the buyer’s who use the request section are new and likely don’t really know how anything works. I don’t think there’s an error.

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I can only see one attachment on BR when I’m on desktop (there is no button to expand or anything), but if I check the same request on mobile, I can see multiple attachments.
So you can try that, I guess.

However there are way too many differences between desktop and mobile versions of fiverr and some of them seem more like a bug, than a feature. It would be wonderful if Fiverr could look into this.

Actually, when I’m on the mobile app, I never see attachments, even when I know they’re there from checking on the desktop. I forgot about that, so maybe there is a bug. Will Fiverr address it anytime soon? Probably not.

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@maddisont I agree with your opinion also.