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No 'audio' clips allowed on Fiverr WHY? (ANSWERED )

Hello helpful Fiverr forum folk ( say Fiverr forum folks 3 times in a row lol )

Here is my problem, I am a ‘Voice’ actor ( one of many many thousands here ) and yet 5r does not have a function/way to upload my voiceover audio -demo’s.

Audio demos are to the voice industry what video clips are to the video production-movie industry, they are a mandatory industry standard calling card for all voiceover talent.

ALL the ‘other’ freelance’ and ALL the other voiceover sites are audio uploading capable.

Google search this question and You nice folks answer it and say to: 'make videos, place them on a privatized Youtube account then put the link back into Your Gig.

Does anyone here see the bias, I have to be a video producer to make audio ( insert Twilight Zone music here lol )

The 2nd answer was: ’ Hey I will make videos for You for $$ and place Your audio into them’.

I am here to ‘sell’ my Gig not to buy a Gig lol .

I need to pour gravy on my brain in order to eat the irony lol.

QUESTION: How do I get in contact with the human who makes thecommand decisions here to get 5r to do a little code magic and put an audio upload player embed into this site?
End Rant.

( disclaimer ) In no way is Fiverr or fiver community forum responsible for the above statements-musings-ranting-complaints and or questions lol

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That’s weird, because I feel like I’ve definitely seen voiceover demos here on Fiverr, some of which seem to be purely audio files.

Not an expert, but maybe if you throw up a background that makes it count as a “video” you’ll be fine?


I’ve definitely uploaded audio

You need to have a gig image. If you upload the image, it will show while the audio plays.


Lots of gigs have only audio files and show that same microphone photo on them.

For your main photo as was mentioned you can have just a picture while the audio plays.


I was going to advise you how to very simply do this, but to he honest after reading that you don’t even want to invest in your business, along with the fact that you have been on fiverr since Feb of 2018, you want the hotline to tell em how to write their code…i just decided to say Good Luck instead.


Why is it always the ones who just joined fiverr who are the most upset with things here.
@voicesbysteve it sounds like it might be a situation where you can do what you were trying to do by using the technique others described.

You can ask customer support how to upload your audio.

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This site is just like ALL the other sites and is capable of uploading audio.

You don’t need to be a video producer, you can choose to create a video with your audio track if you want to - pretty simple to do yourself in imovie or windows movie maker. Or if you don’t want to do that, just add up to three audio files when you create your gig in the section where you add your images.


@sue_mcl Thank you Sue. If we want to show an image with our audio file, how do we do that?

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Oh I’d love to also know how to add audio to a pic :slight_smile: Thanks!


I know for the voiceover category (and I assume other audio related categories) the image shown, will be your gig image - that happens automatically, not sure how to do that outside of an audio related category, without making it your gig video (in which case you could do that in iMovie or WMM pretty quickly.)

The audio samples you see with headphones, are the portfolio samples from completed work, so I don’t think an image will get shown with those ones.

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Thank You so much for the advice, I did go off half cocked .

I am on multiple VO web sites all in within a short time I could not get handle this one aspect …thanks again .

AWESOME , thank You for spellnig it out so clearly…cheers

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Thank You for responding so fast…regards

(Announcer Voice)…in a world…where questions have been answered…and Steve the voice went into a battle with Mike…(mic crackles…power goes out) :poop: