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No audio/video call option. Just tired of texting. How to get rid of this?

Fiverr has no audio or video conversation option.
I have clients who I have to give a lot of instructions and explanations. Just tired of texting.
Is there any way to improve this experience?


That’s one of biggest downside with fiverr. They have not provided any such facility, and if we go outside of the fiverr they simple ban our accounts. So, in short there isn’t any solutin avaialble. But one thing you can do is, record your voice message if details are too much and then you can send those voice msgs through attachemnet in the Conversations.


@avextor Don’t apply this saying in wrong situation. I don’t do vector tracing for my clients, like you do :smiley:
Sometimes there are complicated things in my orders where video conversation is needed to explain it simply.
In that case texting makes it even hazardous.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can contact CS AND ask for a permission to use skype they will allow you.

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Thanks @zaiba202 for this info.

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