No Available now button


I wanted to know why my ‘Available Now’ button is not showing? I am an old seller on Fiverr joined on Dec '16 and as of now i have completed more than 29 orders and my response rate, order completed and delivered on time are all 100%. I meet all the requirement and eligibility to get my available now button i don’t have it…
Anyone has the same problem? please do let me know.


I think it’s still in Beta, only certain people have it. I don’t have it either and I’m a L2 seller, 1600 5 star review and been here since 2012. Be patient, kiddo :wink:


You would need to fulfill the following criteria to have the ‘Available Now’ option;

Less than 5 active orders
More than 5 orders completed
Low cancellation rate


Hehe… yeah maybe i should just wait :slight_smile:


all these are fulfilled. yet no available button for me :joy:


Try to Zoom Out screen! It happened to me that was there I just needed to Zoom Out!


My available button has gone! Today I discover my available button has gone from my profile.


The wonders of the forum search feature: :wink: