NO Bad reviews ! want solutions Sad with my first order


Hi All

I ordered my first fiverr order at the begining of the month, i wanted something and i received something else. Ok it is nice but it is not what i requested. I don’t want to leave a bad review i want solution.

What can i do? I came back from holidays and I thought the website i want will be ready now i contacted the programmer and no answer.

What can I do?

Thanks for your help


Find the resolution centre on the order page, and ask the seller for the modifications you require.


Contact the fiverr support team.

Customer service fiverr will help your problem.

Their response is very fast


If the order is not yet completed you can click “request revision” at the bottom of the page and they will revise. If it is completed contact customer support and they will fix or give you your money back


You are able to cancel it anytime you want


thank you i will wait he replied to me lets see


Hi, how can I do that, maybe not for this time but if one day I have a problem with one order?


you simply copy the order number and inform to Cs they will do that


Hi how can I do that please, it takes too long, thanks


Go here


thank you for your help