No bayer requests on my account




You’re new. I don’t even have a seller level yet. Take the time to earn your reputation, and earn your Level 1 status, and you’ll have plenty of buyer requests to respond to.


Hang in there and be patient. It took me over a month to get my first sale. You will only see the Buyer Requests related to what you sell and there may not always be some. When you are a beginner you see less Buyer Requests. Once you get to level 1 you will see many more. :owl:


How many gig you have created ??


Your post was moved! This is clearly not a Tip for Sellers this category is for you to share tips with other sellers. Also, drop the ALL CAPS as it’s considered shouting.

:bulb: It’s not Bayer the correct spelling is Buyer.


Create some awesome gig and content for your account. Try to use eye catching gig images and go social media for get traffic for your gigs. It’ll very helpful for you to get fast order.