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No behance on fiverr?

hi guys
i have been working very hard on fiverr to get orders . But in last 9 to 10 months i have just got 2 orders.
the problem i am facing is that when i try to link my behance account it did not work but the other links are working very well
please tell me what is wrong.
and please check my gigs and tell me if there is something i have been doing wrong that i dont get order


I follow forum every day. From here i learn how to utilize the tags, each gig and promotion. I think you need to read those topics and search on your profile what is going wrong.

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i have read many of them i did everything they people have said
i have heard people getting orders within just a week on fiverr and it is a long time of me working hard on fiverr but didnt got the order .

Lots of people are experiencing the same thing. It’s due to a bug.

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so should i contact cs??