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No body buys my gig even though i follow several tutorials from top sellers

hi, im servando and i genuinely believe in my product, where i live i always recieve a positive opinion, my bosses always say that im so essencial in the job cause my performance is great, so i believe i have a good gig to use, other than that, i did the gig following a guy in youtube about fiver telling me that i should say out loud that im new to fiver but that im a professional, also to show my face, my voice, and make a video, in which i did, i only have one gig, only one cause i believe in quality not quantity. so i wanted to start strong with my gig but its been more than two weeks and i havent recieve anything, also i follow the recommendation of lowering my price to a competitive level, but no, no matter what i do i dont receieve any clients, please help.


Welcome to the forums!

Let me start with my own personal experience: I didn’t receive my first order until ~3 months after joining Fiverr, and it took another 2 months before I started to have a regular basis of clientele. So not having any results in 2 weeks, or longer, is honestly pretty common. I really wouldn’t be discouraged: but at the same time, that doesn’t mean not to do anything about it.

I appreciate that you want to hold quality over quantity, any good seller would do that. However, having just 1 gig isn’t going to get you the exposure that you need. Starting out with a good handful of gigs, and seeing what gauges buyer interest, will help you get your foot in the door. Especially on a site like Fiverr, where practically every category is over-saturated with gigs left and right. You’re actively putting yourself at a disadvantage not using every tool at your disposal! So come up with a few more gigs in your skillset, and see what sticks. I’m a 3D modeler myself (in game art, so a little different than architecture development), and I ended up completely surprising myself to find that my pixel art gigs did way better, so I went that route instead. Of course, not saying the same thing will happen to you, but my point is that I tried out a couple different avenues and found what was selling. The same can be done with any category.

My only critique for your current gig is to be more specific about what it entails. So far, it’s mostly a description about yourself and your qualifications, which isn’t bad, but just isn’t what a gig description is for in my opinion. Your seller profile is efficient enough in displaying this information, and as a buyer if I was interested in seeing your qualifications, I would look there. So do take some time to be specific about what your gig is offering, and what the end product will be for your buyer.


okey sure thanks for the advice i will do that

Your gig look amazing. Dont worry I am sure that someone will buy it soon. I am in the same situation.