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NO Body is helping me

Hey everyone,
This time the topic is a little bit different. Actually my gig impressions are about 3.1K in the last month and also people are clicking on it about 100 Clicks are there. Still, no one is contacting me, this is not the matter of the gig description because I had asked many people and they say there is no issue in the gig description. But I still don’t know why I am not getting any lead. Please have a look at my gig and let me know your opinion: . Also please try to help others who are facing the same issue and don’t mark this discussion as spam because this is not for promotion but to help the community.

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These articles may help you


It seems that you don’t provide most of the services in the basic gig. This could be a reason as people can’t see what are included without clicking.

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In the gig image where it says “color doesn’t matter but keyword do” you could try changing it to something like “color doesn’t matter but keywords do” or “color doesn’t matter, but keywords do”.

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Thank you :grinning:

Hey @uk1000 I made the changes anything else I should look into like the description or anything.

Hi! How are you. I got a msg from a buyer. I offered him I will give 25 second trial while sending the buyer request. I have already send the video. Hope to get the FIRST Order. Thank you. You will also get the best one.

@editormj Best of Luck

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