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No body is here to land

no body is landiny in my inbox…still waiting when someone’s flight land here to discover a diamond like me lol.


I’d say it’s a good thing you have no bodies landing in your inbox… Doesn’t sound pleasant…

Jokes aside I make hundreds of typos (I have terrible sight even with glasses on so I need grammarly to help me) but I’m not sure I’d hire someone who wrote “i am a professional writer” in their bio. If you are a pro writer why not set up more writing gigs? To me that logo design gig seems to be a bit random. But even if you have perfect gigs with fantastic images it takes a while to start up on here.


thankyou actually i want to start here but still need guide.can you give me some suggestions for new gigs .

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You say you are a professional writer, right? That means that you know what you’re good at (I’m a writer too and I’m aware of my own skills). Just make gigs on that - if you’re good at writing articles then do so, if you’re good at fiction then make fiction gigs. Have a look around to see what gigs are trending but do not copy anyone. And of course, make sure you only offer something you can actually do!


Well you say you’re good at agriculture and a good writer, perhaps niche out and offer something on those lines?

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thankyou so much for landing here lol and for your advise also…

i havn’t any order but still happy.because whenever i post something like this many people here encourage me …


Here are a few landing sites you should consider


There are some fundamental prerequisites for any freelancer wanting to create a gig. Perform an honest self evaluation of your talents, strengths, and skills. Do some research to determine if there is a sizeable market and demand for your particular abilities. Finally, create a gig if you truly believe you can offer a service that is of sufficient quality that strangers from around the world would gladly be willing to take a gamble and purchase from you.

Unfortunately, so many freelancers on Fiverr have got the fundamentals wrong and are simply offering services that someone from a video said is easy and free to setup.


Well, that’s probably because you don’t really do much of what you claim you do?

Your "logo design" gigs one picture is literally just a stock image

Plus, almost all the writing throughout your gigs is filled with simple grammatical errors. Seems to me you’ve joined Fiverr on the assumption you’d be able to make money quick with relatively little to no skill or proficiency in what you offer.


Well, you put it far more bluntly than I did. :smile: