No buyer for me ;-;


Hello! I’ve been on fiverr for almost a month and I haven’t had even a single buyer yet. I had some messages but it seems I’ve not created reliability yet on fiverr since I’m recent. Is that normal?

This is my profile :smile_cat: together with my gigs.


Yes, this is normal. I got my first order after 3 months. Now I’m getting 1 order every day.

Suggestion :- Please change the profile picture


Your profile makes you seem rather amateur and would not inspire a buyer to buy from you. You need to appear more proficient and professional.


Yep! I just read your description, and my first thought was “not so professional” as @lloydsolutions pointed. This is a marketplace; you need to be professional to draw buyers attention. Sent offers with appealing comments that you’re proficient at doing the job. Read:

and Academy


Thank you so much! Alright, I would be changing it, I appreciate your advice.


Thank you so much, I wouldn’t be able to see that myself, thank you for pointing it out to me. I owe you a lot.


Thank you very much! I appreciate your assistance! I’m glad to have you help me.


keep relax bro…