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No Buyer Instructions - No Gig Extras


Greetings. I hope I have the right place for this post. I have bought a few gigs on Fiverr and have generally been pleased. I decided to try listing a gig. I did so in Safari and noticed that when preparing my gig there was no place for gig extras. When I listed the gig, the description appeared perfectly but the buyer instructions did not appear. Tried the same exact listing in Firefox. Absolutely no difference.

So now I have 2 gigs running that make me look like a complete idiot. Please Fiverr, I excel at that on my own, with no extra help required from you. My Support request has gone unanswered and to top it all off, I cannot find anyway to delete these gigs.

Can anyone offer any assistance? Thanks. - Frank



To have gig extras you need to become a level 1 seller. More info here and the buyer needs to order the gig to see the instructions, you can also see your instructions when you edit your gig.

I hope this helped thanks


Hi bigfrank,

Buyer instructions appear to the buyer after the buyer has ordered your gig, not before that.




Thanks to both of you. That helped a lot. :slight_smile:

The Gig Extras was a very disappointing News Flash. In a word: Bogus!!!

Cheers. - Frank


Oh. Since my Gig is unable to offer Extras - how do I permanently delete it??? - Frank


Reply to @bigfrank: Hi, If you want to delete your gig, go to seller-my gigs-find the gig-click edit on the right-and delete. Also the only way you will get gig extras is to make sales so why would you delete your gig?



The reason I want to delete the gig is the description was written with the thought that I would be adding extras. As described - it makes no sense. I see no advantage to starting out on the wrong foot. Besides, after reading dozens and dozens of posts on how sellers are treated here, by both buyers and staff, I don’t think I could find a home, here. I put fairness above all else in how I treat others and how I expect to be treated in return. I don’t get the sense that sellers are given a fair shake and that is something I cannot be a part of. Color me old - or old-fashioned - but I still believe in the Golden Rule. Thanks. - Frank