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No buyer is texting me for work and I am not getting any order

My Fiverr account name = soniakhatun152
I did 3 gigs. My gig is on the first page. I can’t get any order even though my gig is on the first page. I am a new seller. How can I sell my gig if it works. Please help me.


Hello Soniakhatun152.
The fact that you’re on first page is a good omen, if you know the work it takes for older sellers to move to first page you’ll be grateful for being there. Well it could be very frustrating when you don’t get order especially as a new seller but you don’t have to be weary or scared rather put your hands to work, start advertising your gig on social media platform join fiverr related groups on facebook, instagram, linkedin etc to promote your gig , do this with an achiever mindset and don’t forget to pray then shortly the orders will starts rolling in. N.b Never you give up or quit cos quitters never win. I hope you find this tips helpful.


Yes you are right @elviswhiteboard , I agree with you. It’s a helpful opinion. You can apply this method (@soniakhatun152 )

Thanks. I’m not clear on the subject of marketing. How to do marketing. I get that guy if the gig link has a bad effect on the account

I’m trying for my job

Hi, @soniakhatun152

Kudos to you for being on the first page.
That in itself is a big achievement.

Now that fact that you are not getting any orders even when your gigs are top ranked shows that you certainly have to provide some better offers that will provoke the potential buyer to give you an order. Try updating your Gig Gallery, have a nice and descriptive video about your gig, make a gig pdf and offer better rates with fast delivery.

Hopefully, you’ll start getting orders within no time.
Be persistent in your efforts. Don’t give up.
Best of Luck.


I liked your advice very much.

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login to facebook and search for fiverr related groups and join as many groups as you can, from there you can be posting your gig for gig favorite exchange this will drive traffic to your account and will also increase your impression. thanks


Keep patient and promote your gig as much as you can in the social platform.

Pleasure is all mine to be of any help.


thanks for advising

I will move your words.

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OMG NO, @soniakhatun152 never do this. It’s terrible advice.

By the way, trading Favorites in Fiverr Groups is NOT marketing and getting Favorites on your gigs has no influence at all on your impressions, sales, the algorithm, etc. Someone made that up and now everyone thinks it’s true. Why are you making stuff up?

And the whole “join as many groups as you can” thing is so, so wrong. Why do people think that the more you do something, the more likely you are to be successful? Unless your goal is to look extremely unprofessional, get no sales and eventually get banned from Facebook, don’t do this.

Joining Groups and trading Likes or spamming your links is NOT marketing and it’s not okay. Please stop.


Nooooo omg why do sellers think that the more you post on social media the more likely you are to get orders? That’s not how it works and this is why Fiverr has such a terrible reputation.

People hate us because Fiverr sellers posts their gig links everywhere over and over again. No one wants to see that and no one cares.

Please don’t give advice about things you don’t understand. You’re just parroting the terrible advice other sellers post and parroting nonsense in those awful Youtube videos by Fiverr “experts”.

If anyone gets leads on social, it’s NOT from shilling, it’s from insights. No one wants to see your gig posted repeatedly. Do you log into Facebook thinking “Hmm I’d love to look at people’s Fiverr Gigs!”? Of course not. That’s not why people use social.


Haha I once joined one fiverr-related facebook group and I regreted it instantly

In five minutes after posting my first post I get around 10-20 spam messages per minute

No more :joy:


It’s good that you got right away that that’s all that gig was.

It’s remarkable how many sellers are oblivious to the fact that people in those Groups only care about themselves and networking with fellow sellers makes no sense. It doesn’t dawn on them that maybe, just maaaaybe: you should be engaging with your target audience and also not shilling them? LOL

Do any of these sellers log into Facebook because they want to see Fiverr gigs? Of course not. Yikes.

It makes no sense at all that’s true, before I joined I thought those fiverr groups are community for sellers and buyers but in reality there are only sellers with their spam posting.

Social media advertising won’t work for you in 99% also on Fiverr. I think the most effective advertising is (besides Fiverr profile, gig etc optimization) is delivering high-quality service so that your buyers will buy again and probably recommend you to other buyers.

And it’s not really bad to give 200% effort on low price gig, because maybe your buyer will have another job for you and this time it will be 100-500$ and he will choose you.

Im speaking for myself, about 50% of my orders are from returning buyers and recommendations. And those are highest paid ones usually.

That isn’t advertising, though. That’s promoting.

But yeah you can only ever generate business via social by sharing insights and even then it’s extremely unlikely, especially because Fiverr has such a terrible reputation. It’s baffling that so many people post advice about social media despite not understanding it at all.

It’s a romantic idea, that you can post a gig and then get a direct sale after that, but this doesn’t even happen if you’re skilled at social media insights and community building, let alone users who just post their gig over and over again.

The people who preach posting on social in the forum tend to have few to no sales and super competitive gigs. It’s an easy way to try to look smart in the forum – a lot of sellers think that will bring them sales.

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it happen to me to no buyer is texting i dont get no work from fiverr buyer and am woeking hard