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No buyer or reviews yet

I haven’t got any reviews on my gig and I’m wondering what i did wrong? Can anyone help me improve my gigs or get a buyer?

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when you made your profile and gig?

When you Get orders always provide quality service, and try hard to get great reviews by your work. But never ask for them You’ll eventually get good reviews and maybe tip for providing great work
I hope it helps
Many Regards.

Maybe that will help. I'm new to FIVERR - I cant see any requests? Do you just wait for customers to contact you?

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It can take some sellers months to get their first order.

Sadly, data entry is a highly competitive category. Your English is much better than most (better than some native speakers, even), but your OP, profile description, and gig description for proofreading does not inspire confidence in your skill. (You might want to double-check your tags.)

Also, the thread I linked in your other thread: Please see (PRF) point 5.

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About a month ago. Is that too long of a period to not sell my first gig?

Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind when I get my first piece of work :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. I will work on rebuilding my profile. Hope it works! :slight_smile: