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No buyer request after oneday

Hello every one I am new in fiverr. After opening my gigs, I found one buyer request. But now I can’t find any more them. What the problem. Please comment


Most buyers are from USA and America so stay active according to their time and you will find buyer requests

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@aliqayyum160, I guess you own and run Fiverr, right?:grin:

You are currently a “New Seller”. Fiverr does not show many buyer requests to new sellers, because they do not want sellers to rely upon BRs for all of their sales, and they want to encourage sellers with no rank to take responsibility for the success of their gigs, instead of expecting Fiverr to do it for them. In addition, many new sellers in the past misused the BR section, and so Fiverr limits access to new sellers until they earn a positive reputation, and a measure of self-built success on this site.

As such, you will likely see plenty of buyer requests that you can respond to when you are promoted to the “rank” or a “Level 1” seller.


yes:sweat_smile: you are right

Thanks dear

Thanks for giving such kind of informations.

how long did it take you to sell your first?

I could not sell yet. But trying @richardbartram

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You don’t need to know this information, because every seller’s success story is different. The specifics of my success story, and when I earned my first order, are not going to make you a better seller.


Yea, I understood and thanks

Hi ! You need to stay updated and online. Read forums and connect with people to gain insights into how fiverr works. Be patient and hope for good. :+1:t2:


Same problem i am also facing

Welcome to fiverr forum.
Keep hard working. First order not easy.

Thank you for advising.

Thank you I am trying.

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Check this out:

Hi Dear,

You have to strive hard to promote your self on different social media and free lancing forums.

Increase no of gigs in which you are expert

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Facing same :pensive:

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This feedback here makes a lot of sense. I think it takes hard work to build a reputation and that’s just what we all need to do and a lot of PATIENCE

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