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No Buyer Request and no orders

Hello dear fellow colleagues,

I am a new designer here. For a long time I’m not getting Buyer Request and no orders. I have read almost all the topics, tricks and tips and other blogs also.

But feeling frustrated again.

Can anyone suggest me anything!!

Thank you


This is the answer to your question.
Starting from Level 1 you will be able to see Requests in the Buyers Request section.

For the orders, here is the good tip:


Hello @graphicaz .Just keep patience and market your gig. Buyer request is also related with traffic. you can get some idea from here :slightly_smiling_face: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018

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Thank you for the advice. I would love to share the problem in details with you. Hope you will be able to help me. The fact is I am confused, how should I do marketing. When I see other people’s spammy posts on social media I feel that I should never spam like this way.

And when I think how I should do marketing then, I feel confused again. I need to know how you @saleh_shaams are doing your marketing. How you promote your business. But nobody share that information. And I do not know why…

Thanks in Advance,
Shahriar Sultan,
From GraphicAZ

Thank you so much brother. But then how can I be level 1 if I do not get orders?

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Well that is the trick. You have to find the answer for that by yourself.

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Well, I’d have to disagree on this. Even new sellers and people who don’t have a level yet can see buyer requests (BRs). However, it is just that the number of BRs they get is often lesser than what level 1 sellers (and higher) get.

BRs also get removed (from your BR page) as soon as 10 sellers (of your level) apply to them. Since no-level sellers depend on BRs to a greater extent than sellers with a level, they get removed from no-level sellers’ view within a few minutes of them being displayed on the website (from my experience, I’ve noticed that it takes only a few minutes for 10 no-level sellers to apply to a particular BR as soon as it gets displayed). This means that as soon as BRs come into view, they often get removed within a few minutes after that (for no-level sellers).

“The same happens for level 1 and level 2 sellers, but fewer sellers from those levels apply so they appear longer for us.” [quoted from another post created by @vickiespencer].


Ok, you will keep your words. I will mine.

Even when I was a no-level seller, I was able to see BRs (gotta agree, they were not at all frequent. I was still able to see a few though). Do you have anything to say about that? :thinking:

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Just because you don’t see them now doesn’t mean they NEVER appear for no-level sellers. :wink:

If you read my earlier post, you would understand that buyer requests get removed from no-level sellers’ view (usually) within a few minutes of them being made available in the BR section.

Therefore, I think it is a matter of sheer luck (checking the BR section at the right moment) for a no-level seller to be able to see BRs and send offers in response to them. Checking the BR section as frequently as you possibly can will improve your chances of seeing a BR.

I have gone through this stage, too. So, unless something has changed from the time I was a no-level seller (which was not that long ago) and now, I think I know what I am talking about :wink:


There was one the other day looking for somebody to deliver flowers and chocolates on a different continent, but I didn’t apply. I have seen a few BRs, but none of them were actually relevant to anything I could offer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some sellers might see relevant BRs, some might not - depends on the gig category etc.


I made a request just 2 days ago and there were plenty of no-level sellers making offers.
Fiverr has set a limit for newbies and rightfully so. EVERY single no-level offer was just sh*it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a sample
Seller who has been a member here since 2016 wrote with 0 sales. (Yep, just one single line)

“I will be help you”

So next time you wonder why there are no requests, it’s because of sellers like this :smiley:


I have more experience.

Unfortunately, more experience doesn’t always correlate to greater knowledge or accuracy of information. :wink:


That is why i said… you keep your words i will keep mine.

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@hanshuber16 and @iamsachmusic - experience or lack of it seems to mean little - it all depends on the category(ies) of your gigs etc. - there’s no right or wrong answer, no ‘one size fits all’, as often happens on Fiverr. :wink::slightly_smiling_face::christmas_tree:


Honestly, I get BR. But after 1 or 2 days and they are available for a few minutes. Also I am not getting enough Impression or Clicks/Views. So I think there is something that I am missing.

If you can share how you do your gig promoting, that will be a great help.


same problem here and no get order