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No buyer request available after 1st TOS warning?

Am bit confused.
I got TOS warning last night, because “buyer wanted to cancel the order within 30 min, As he found someone else to do it for better price (he indeed said that to me)” and i only mentioned to him that “my completion rate will go down, now that he wants to cancel” and there i got my 1st TOS warning.

MY CONCERN NOW , Do we get any buyer requests after that 1st warning?

Because since i got one, i dont see any buyer requests, may be its just one of those days.
Waiting for your response.

As long as you have an overall positive rating of 90% or higher (overall rating of 4.5 or more), you will still be able to see buyer requests (BRs) whenever they’re available. That’s the only requirement to be able to see BRs. That being said, however, receiving a warning might have an impact on the number of BRs that are made available to you.

The following post might be able to answer that question for you:


@hanshuber16 Thank you so much.
That really helped :slight_smile:
You rock !!

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